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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Consist of 5 members from Co-Ed. composed of their four original female members, an additional female member will be added to th unit. The new member is revealed to be Seo Eun Kyo, a middle school student. Core Contents Media revealed on December 28th. "In order to show a wider variety of images totheir fans. Co-Ed has created a girl group unit named "5dolls". The group represents the five female 'dolls' that makes up the group. The newest member has been rehearsing with other female members for awhile." They also revealed. "Her mother owns a dance school so she naturally learned how to dance since she was right years old. She's been training in dace for8 years now, and her vocal are just exceptional."

On February 7th, 2011 5dolls hasreleased their debut MV Teaser. Their titletrack "Lip Stains". was produced by Brave Brother, and it features a strong drum beat with an addictive synth sound, The movie video was also diracted by the famous CF director behind the "Anymotion" series. Cha Eun Taek. The MV also featuring Jay Park. On February 16th they released the MV for "Your Words" and their debut mini-album "Charming Five Dolls". With New member Seo Eun Kyo in tow, Co-Ed's new female sub-group, 5dolls made their official debut on stage through Mnet's M! Countdown on February 17th.



Smile Soomi

Star Light Chanmi

One Light HyoYoung

One Star Hyewon

Eun Kyo


Charming Five Girls
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.02.16
01 너 말이야 (Your Words)
02 입술자국 (Lip Stains)
03 쭈르르르르 (Trickle)
04 잘났어 (Good For You)
05 거기 잠깐 (Wait Right There)

cr: allkpop.com, ihoneyjoo.com

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