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Thursday, July 7, 2011

B1A4 Profile

B1A4 debuted on April 21, 2011 with their debut track 'O.K' off of their album 'Let's Fly' and released a music video. B1A4 under the management of WM Entertainment. They were first introduced via webtoons before their actual pictures were released. Their debut album 'Let's Fly' includes a song written and composed by the leader Jinyoung. They made their live debut on April 23, 2011 on MBC's Music Core. Over the week of May 1st, 2011, they were a guest on Starry Night Radio.

Real Name: Shin Dong Woo (신동우)
Stage Name: CNU (씨앤유)
Date of Birth: June 16, 1991
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Blood Type: A
Twitter Account: @B1A4_CNU

Real Name: Jung Jin Young (정진영)
Stage Name: Jinyoung
Date of Birth: November 18, 1991
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Blood Type: A
Twitter Account: @B1A4_JINYOUNG

Real Name: Lee Jung Hwan (이정환)
Stage Name: Sandeul (산들)
Date of Birth: March 20, 1992
Position: Main Vocalist
Blood Type: A
Twitter Account: @SANDEUL920320

  Real Name: Cha Sun Woo (차선우)
Stage Name: Baro (바로)
Date of Birth: September 5, 1992
Position: Main Rapper
Blood Type: B
Twitter Account: @BARO920905

Real Name: Gong Chan Shik (공찬식)
Stage Name: Gongchan
Date of Birth: August 14, 1993
Position: Maknae, Vocalist.
Blood Type: A
Twitter Account: @B1A4_gongchan
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.04.21

01 O.K
02 Remember
03 못된 것만 배워서
04 Bling Girl
05 Only One
06 O.K (Inst.)
OK MV - B1A4 [HD]

Only Learned The Bad Things MV - B1A4

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